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Birthday joy

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Hey guys! Three birthdays have been passed since I first started to show others via my blog what I cook. I am so so happy I have this opportunity to cook, that I have so many kitchen utensils, cookbooks and ideas, and that is all thanks to my dear friends and family who supported me. […]

Veg love.

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There were few dishes I made while living in Scotland, so some posts will be about that. As I lived with two men, who were working a tough job, I always had to make food just for me, because all they wanted was meat, fatty crisps, meatballs and rice or pasta. So I made food […]

My first dish in Scotland

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I finally started what I wanted to do. I decided to make a surprise for my dad while he was at work. As he always is hungry as a wolf I wanted to make something delicious. Well, that was what I thought. My plan was to make spaghetti with chopped tomato-garlic-carrot sauce. To my mind […]