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Hey everyone!

I finally, FINALLY have awaken to start cooking again. I just returned from my journey to The Netherlands and England and am full with new ideas and recipes to try.

In England I tried these scones which I had never ever eaten cause I always tought they were kinda plain and not tasty. But no, there was this superb restaurant/cafe more in the country side where we stopped by (we were riding bikes to see wild horses). And they served freshly baked scones with home made clotted cream, home made jam and home made apple juice. By home made I mean everything was freshly made. Yes, ofcourse that all was delicious! Than I understood that I HAVE to make something similar at home just to feel the same taste. Therefore I made them here in Latvia. A bit different but still tasty:)

Ofcourse, I wasn’t making them just for myself, I invited my friends over so I could share with them. We had such a great time!

3Scones with sugar butter. 


500g flour, sifted

A pinch of salt

110g butter

50g caster sugar

300ml milk

1 tsp baking powder

Vanilla extract


Extra butter and caster sugar


Mix flour with salt and baking powder. Add grinded butter (before use it, cool it in the fridge). Make a batter similar to crumbs, use your hands – it will be easier. Make a “hole” in your batter. Next, mix sugar with warm milk and add vanilla extract. I used dry soya milk (3 tbsp mix with warm water). Pour milk into the batter. Mix everything. Add raisins if you like them (I do, it tastes much better with them:) ) but before adding, soak them in warm water so they will get softer. If needed, add a bit flour, the pastry must not stick to your hands.

Make scones the size you like and put them in the oven 220C for 20 min. Instead of baking paper I used this awesome thing my friend Diana gave me – a silicone baking mat. No oil or butter is needed, I just used a bit of flour. That thing is amazing! Nothing can burn, and it is easy to wash!

Scones are tasty with clotted cream but it takes a long time to make it so I mixed butter with caster sugar. It was good! No jam though, but still tasty :)

2Step by step how you should make scones


I would like to share with you with some of the views I saw while in England.

SwanageCliffs in Swanage


Wild horsesWild horses

Have a nice summer! And get as much sun as you can!

1Me and my friends; nothing has changed – still a bit crazy, still having fun! 



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  1. Delicious :)


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