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Christmas spirit

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Hey everyone!

Hope you all had a merry Christmas! For me this Christmas was like never before. My holiday spirit was made from several small events that made my winter celebrating more exciting. As I am all in my studies, I tried to find some ways how to set up my Christmas mood.

In this post I will share a very nice cake recipe, very simple, yet delicious. (I made it for our Christmas Eve). Also I am so glad I have such a nice group I am studying with, that’s why I will show you some wintery pics of us!

6Gingerbread cake with Mascarpone filling.


500 g gingerbread pastry

500g Mascarpone

200g double cream

200g icing sugar

Blueberries! (love em’)


Roll out the pastry. You can make one too, that is even more awesome and tasty, ofcourse! So you make gingerbread hearts (I had a perfect shape, but if you don’t have one, just use a knife). Bake for about 10 min. 180 C degrees.

Make the filling. Whip the cream, add icing sugar, add Mascarpone.

Now make layers of your cake: heart, cream, berries, heart, cream, berries… Finish with a cream layer covered with berries. Easy, right? I advise you to keep it in a fridge for at least several hours so that the cookie layers will become soft.

I must tell you, it is so simple, but so so tasty! Hope you like it!


8I had some cream left over, and this is what I used it fore! Small ginger-bites:)

Before Christmas holidays I decided to surprise my colleagues (this is how we are supposed to call each other but I prefer G-mates (we actually all do)). Remember me and my friend Diana made this kind of surprise last year? Well this time it was only me, but still it was a nice thing to do.


2My super-awesome group

And the last thing I would like to share with you is just tome nice moments I had this winter.


My friend Rita made these super-awesome gingerbread cookies. 


Inspired by one of my friend I made this Christmas unicorn. There is this thing going around in our group about unicorns and Christmas.. I must say it is a very nice though:)


Christmas unicorns everywhere:) And a mini snowman.


Hope you all have nice holidays! Enjoy the rest of the free days you have!

I love this nice song so much! Enjoy:)



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