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A divine cheese cake

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Hey readers!

Yup, it has started – school, oh, pardon, university time. I am very happy about that and despite the fact that I don’t have that much time, I seem to enjoy baking even more! You know – when you don’t get something you start to miss it.

In my family there is no birthday without a self made cake. And my mums b-day wasn’t an exception. So I had to make a big one for her and her colleagues at work. Ofcourse, a cub cake was made! (The smell was so good that I just had to make an extra mini cake!)

The cake is easy to make, and actually you can use any cream cheese you like. *All the ingredients are doubled cause I made the cake in the big pan.


The base

300g biscuits

100g butter

2 teaspoons of cinnamon

The filling

1kg Turkish yoghurt

100g sour cream

100g double cream

400g sugar

6 eggs

Grated lime or lemon peel

Icing sugar for topping

Valnuts for topping

The recipe

Break the biscuits into small peaces. Mix with grated butter (if you have a cold one, if not, good for you!). Put the mixture  on the pan and pop it into the oven, 180C degrees. Bake for about 15 min. Make the filling. Mix the yoghurt and sugar together. Add creams. Add eggs and grated lemon peel. Cover the base with this filling. Put it back into the oven but lover the temperature to 150C degrees. Bake for 40 – 60 min. If needed, you can cook it in 180 degrees but only at the very end. Decorate. Serve cooled. You can store this cake in the freezer as well.

Cubsy cake!

Have a nice day and if you have a birthday or any other anniversary, I wish you the best and may your biggest dream come true!



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  1. ‘le gâteau paraît délicieux’! Merci!


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