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Holiday cake

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Hey hey hey!

The reason I stopped writing was because of lack of time. Yup, it’s summer but that doesn’t mean I stay all day at home.

This one day my friend Anete invited me to her birthday party at her country side. I was so happy she did cause I love country side, freshness, forests, meadows and peace and quiet. And what was also great, they had a bathhouse as well. So relaxing. I spent there my weekend and it was awesome! Thank you again, Anete!

This cake is special because of two reasons: 1. it doesn’t contain eggs; 2. it was baked in a wood heated stove. Anyways it was really delicious. And we made it together – me and Anete.


For the sponge: 2 glasses of flour, sifted

1,5 glasses of sugar

1,5 tea sp. of baking powder+ 1 tea sp. of baking soda, sifted

0,5 tea sp. of salt

3/4 glass of oil

1,5 glass of milk

3/4 glass of cocoa

1 bar of melted chocolate

For vanilla & choco cream: 2 glasses of milk

3 table spoons of flour, sifted

1 glass of sugar

1 bar of chocolate

20g vanilla sugar

Blueberries for the topping

Any jam you like

We picked up some blueberries so we could decorate the cake. I love berrying!

The recipe:

Make the sponge. Mix the dry ingredients, add milk and oil and MELTED chocolate. Mix everything. Leave it for 15 min. so it will get ready. I had to wait cause we cooked it in the wood heated stove, you have to be sure it is hot enough inside it. And we divided the pastry in 3 parts before cooking, cause I wasn’t sure it will bake properly. In a regular oven you can bake all together. Then cut in 3 parts. Wait to cool down.

Boil the cream. Bring milk to boil, add sugar and flour. Mix until thick. This will take around 15 min. Then divide in 2 parts – for one of them add chocolate. Mix well until creams are completely cool.

If you have a house in a countryside you probably are familiar with this nice thing.

My friend Anete trying out the chocolate cream. Yumm..

When cooking, add a lot of love and laughter! The mood and atmosphere are very important for a great cake or whatever you are making.

I want to share with yummies we also ate. Everything from their garden. And edible flovers on the left (bottom)!



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