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My birthday dainties

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Hey readers!

August is my month because of few reasons: 1. it is my birthday on 08.08; 2. it is the birthday of my blog; 3. my name day is on August (post comming soon). I made this blog on August 2011, although I started to write on December, 2011.

As I am celebrating my blogs one year annyversary and my birthday, in this post you will see 4 recipes – everything made for my birthday. Everything vegetarian and one recipe vegan!

As usually, 7th of August is the day I stay at home making delicious food for me and my guests. Every year I want to make something very, very special, something new and out of the ordinary.

Enjoy the recipes and pictures!

I Extra special veggie tart.


For the pastry: 175g flour, sifted

Salt, pepper

75 g margarine or butter

3 table spoons water

1 table spoon vegetable oil

Seed mix

For the filling: 400 g Greek yoghurt*

Salt, pepper

Brinza cheese

Grinded cheese for topping

Small zucchini

Small summer squash

2 tomatos

Spring onions




The recipe:

Make the pastry. Remember to make it one day before the event cause, I’m telling you, it is much, much better if you leave the pastry at least for 12 hours in the fridge! So you mix the ingredients, use sifted flour and grind the butter (it is easier to use it this way). Mix and wrap it in to the polythene. Leave it to cool for one night in the fridge.

Roll out the pastry. Put it in a cake tin, covered with oil. Cook for 15 min. in 180 degrees. Put the Greek yoghurt in the cake base. Then put in the veggie layers, cover with Brinza cheese. The regular cheese put on the cake only when it is ready (5 min before you take it out). Cook for about 40 min. in 180 degrees.

*The Greek yoghurt is a natural one, without added flavours. Tastes a bit like Philadelphia cheese. You can use it also for desserts. It’s a bit pricy but you must try it at least once!

II Fruit dessert

I wanted to make this dessert such a long time ago! And it was more than I expected. Seriously, try it, it is amazing! Also I used the Greek yoghurt. Recipe for four.


600g Greek yoghurt

1 mango


1 orange

Grenadine syrup (I advise you to buy this marvelous thing. It can be used not only for desserts, add it when you drink tea or if you want to make a cocktail).

100g powdered sugar

The recipe:

Mix the yoghurt with orange juice and sugar. Cut the mango in small cubes, put them into the trays, then the cream. On the top a bit of Grenadine syrup. Decorate with blueberries. 

III Cherry coke

This recipe is really interesting just because it is something I have never made. I found the recipe few years ago but I never had a chance to make it. For the first time I used the Muscovado sugar. It is a bit wet and looks like wet sand or something. It is tasty though. 


500g cherries

1 teaspoon of cinnamon

300g dark Muscovado sugar

100g regular sugar

5g cardamon

1,5 l sparkling water


The recipe:

Take the pits out from the cherries. (It took me 40 min. to do that!). Put them into a pot, add sugars, species and boil until it looks like a syrup. Strain the syrup. Pour it into a galss (1/3), add ice and sparkling water. Mix a bit. *Use hot syrup, cause if it is cold, it is too thick to dissolve. If you make the day before, boil it before using it.

IV Fruit sorbets

As you saw, all of the foods I made were vegetarian. This one is vegan! It is called vegan ice cream as well. I made this once and it was awesome! This is so refreshing and tasty! The thing you need for summer!


7 bananas


Tinned pineapple slices

2×5 table spoons of water

2×100 g powdered sugar

2 lemons

The recipe:

Make 3 purees from bananas, gooseberries and pineapples. Add sugar and water for berrie and banana purees. Add lemon juice for all of them (use 2 lemon juice for all of them not each). The pineapple puree doesn’t need water and sugar cause you can use the juice from the tin. Mix everything. Put each purees in a plastic boxes (I used lunch boxes). Put them into the freezer. After 30min take them out and mix with a spoon. Put back into the freezer. Repeat at least 4 times.

I hope you enjoyed my birthday post!

P.S. Thank you everyone who congratulated me!



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