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Fresh veggie soup. *It’s vegan!

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Hey folks!

As it is sooo hot outside I decided to make something fresh and cool. And here it is! Veggie soup. And it’s not boiled, it is made from raw veggies and veggie juice. And it is so delicious and refreshing, still you feel very full after eating it! Also it has been a while since I made something vegan. Well summer is the best for such foods.

To my mind there is no recipe for this soup. Just use any veggies you like and cover with veg juice. And I have to admit I don’t like such juices but in this soup it is delicious!


The amount may vary, however use as much as you wish

1 cucumber

1 zucchini



Spring onions


1 litre of veggie juice

1 table spoon of vinegar



Valnuts for decorating

The recipe

Chop everything, mix together, add juice and voila! At start I tought that something was missing. After trying it I understand that vinegar is the one! And you may use more if you like. If you want, you can add buttermilk (1 litre), the soup will be thicker but also tasty! Decorate with valnuts.



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  1. Man arī garšo aukstā zupa, būs jāpagatavo!


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