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Veggie yums *with PB

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It’s finally summer so you probably want more some green stuff. That is why I made these yummy to the tummy snacks for me and my bestest friends. Sandy, if you are reading this, throw a party for 4 of us or else…

Anyway, they were awesome! And you know why? One of my friends told she hated baked veggies n stuff. But she loved the ones that I made! Score! Oh, did I mention I used PB? This is what makes them so good.  The recipe is soo simple, everyone can make them. So enjoy!


Frozen vegetables (you can use fresh if you like)

Around 200 g cheese

4 table spoons peanut butter (this is what mekes them so good!)

125 g no flavoured yoghurt

Eggplant sauce with veggies (this is a common thing in Latvia, but I havent seen this abroad. You can use tomato paste if you like)

Puff pastry

The recipe:

Bake the bases of mini cakes: Roll the pastry, put it into the cake tins and bake for 20 min. Take them out of tins.

Make the filling: Mix the veggies, sauce, PB, cheese, yoghurt. Put it into the baked trays and bake again for 15 min. Eat while you can cause they were gone in few minutes!





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  1. ja nebūtu pakāsis savu telefonu, arī ieliktu gūzm fotorecepšu. bet nu neko, vajadzēs pamēģināt! .)


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