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Rhubarb lemonade

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I just got so lucky my friend gave me some rhubarbs from a garden. I didn’t have to think much to remember this delicious lemonade recipe. My mum used to make it so I wanted this delicious taste back. The recipe is so easy, there are only 2 ingredients – rhubarbs and sugar. Well, there is water ofcourse, but I think that won’t be a problem.

The recipe:

Take the biggest pot you have. Put peeled and sliced rhubarbs in it. Add water. Add sugar. The amount of sugar depends on how sweet you want the drink. I used around 1,5 glasses of sugar. Boil until the rhubarbs are all soft. When it is ready, take the rhubarbs out with a riddle. 

Drink cool, but if you like you can try a hot one. Enjoy!



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