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Wild strawberry – mango cheese cake

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Hey, readers

This time I was told to make a cake for a birthday party. I tried to make something healthy. Actually I didn’t use flour at all, except the cookies. But no extra flour! And unfortunately there is no topping cause I didn’t have so much time. But I used wild strawberries which I had in my freezer. If you have some frozen berries, a great way how to use them is to put them in a cake!


200g cookies (I used “Selga”)

50g butter

150g almonds

wild strawberries

For the filling:

200g whipping cream

150g sugar

a mango

250g Mascarpone cream cheese

Make the base. Break the cookies into small peaces. Add a room-temperature butter, chopped almonds and strawberries.   Put all this mixture in the cake pan (before that put in the baking paper in it).

Whip the cream. Add sugar, cheese and chopped mango. Put the mixture on the base and cook for 30 – 40 min. in 180C degrees.




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