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This post won`t be about what I made. This time I will show you what thrilling, breathtaking and delicious food I saw and ate while I was in France, Strasbourg.

I enjoy reading about food in other countries so I hope you will find this interesting as well!

This is just one of those amazing, good looking sweet stores we passed by. No, we couldn`t buy anything cause they all were closed at that late hour we were sightseeing. But we did manage to buy some other sweet and delicious stuff!

We understood that if we don`t have the opportunity to buy some gifs (cause the stores were closed) we spent our money on something we could enjoy at that moment. And this was super delicious Ice-cream. I`m telling you, it was sooo good! In this jar I had 4 tastes – almond, a very chocolaty one, pistachio and a cookie one. So good…

From the left  – me, Evija and Rita.

On the last day my group and I went to a restaurant. At first we had a great white wine.

Then we ordered some evening meal. We were four at the table and we all took these amazing, fresh salad with cream cheese sauce.

Afterwards we ordered a dessert. My friends took this creme brule. It was very smooth with a crunchy top. I`m definetely making this later myself.

And as a sweet dish for myself I took this one. It was THE best dessert I have ever eaten. There was a scoop of caramel ice- cream, whipped caramel cream with almond flakes, chocolate ice-cream scoop covered in melted chocolate, a beze cookie and some puree that tasted like cookies. This was a big YUM.



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