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Veg love II.

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I finally made something for lunch and dinner. For about two weeks I was thinking about a veggie lasagna and salad. And I always have the inspiration when I need to study. Well, we all need to eat, so first eat, study later!

I must say I had made lasagna before, but with meat. Now with veggies. And hey, others loved it, so here you go all you non believers – veg dishes CAN and are delicious without meat. Yay!

Veggie lasagna. Extra cheesy, extra smooth. 

Couscous salad with veggies and cheese, covered with lemon sauce.

And as a bonus I show you my other salad I made a long time ago. But they were so good, I must share with you.

Zucchini salad with beetroot and beans. Covered with lemon sauce.

P.S. Have a nice dinner and remember to eat more veggies and be healthy!



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