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Birthday cheesecake

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Hey, long time no see!

On 15th January my friend Sandija had her 19th Birthday. Oh dear, next year she will be 20! Several times she asked me for a special cake – a cheesecake just for her. So I waited for the moment – her BIG day so she would receive the cake. Actualy I had already made it for few times, but that was for other occasions.

Sadly, our quartet turned in a duo, but we had the great opportunity to eat this yum-yum on late dinner, breakfast and lunch. That was so good and finger lickin’! Don’t worry girls, I will make you another one :)

I present you the long waited Sandijas Cheescake!

This is Mascarpone cream cheese cake with crusty biscuit on the bottom and walnuts on top. I must say this was just amazing! 

Birthday party food. We were only 4, but we made food for 10! There`s cheese assortment, grilled bread with basilic pesto, Mozarella snacks and grilled veggies with cream sauce. YUM!

And to make this day even better, it was snowing. Finally in our town it appeared as well!



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