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Christmas supper.

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Happy First Christmas!

I hope you had perfect Christmas evening with lots of presents, food and sweets! I can show you what I made for our Christmas eve.

We had very nice evening – first we went to a church in Old Riga. It was very beautiful inside + there was a choir singing Christmas songs. Although the weather was so stupid (we usually have -20 degrees and snow til at least ankles!) because of the rain, we managed to find the joy in this evening. However, we returned in a warm house, with a christmas tree, nice music and the smell of gingerbread cookies and freshly baked goodies.

The most exciting part was the presents. Tkanks to my dad who sent us a bag of presents! Again, like every year, I understand that giving presents to others is more exciting than receiving them. Why? Cause you can see smile and excitement in their faces!

Thank you everyone for my presents! 

Potato muffins with tomato, carrot, onion and cheese filling.

Mozarella, valnut, paprika, cucumber salad filled in tomato pots.

Gingerbread boxes filled with cottage cheese, valnuts, viburnum berry syrup [irbeņu sīrups] and tangerines.



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