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Yum in a box.

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Hey everyone!

I finally have given most of my presents to friends so I can show you what I made this year. I always make presents for others cause I like the process of doing all that.

I had my own ideas about the special present this year, so I looked up in the net, checked some old recipe magazines and voilĂ ! I made my own candies. I must say it wasn`t so easy. The hardest part was to make the candy. But I did it quite fast. For me the hardest part was melting the chocolate. I have done that thousand times, but this time I had to use 650 grams of chocolate to get the perfect consistency.

Anyway, anyhow, I made them and I was so happy when I finished them! Because to my mind they are very beautiful; others told they were tasty – that was all I wanted to know.

Everything is put in a self made box.

You can see boxes of chocolate truffles. Made from melted rock candy, with lots and lots of chocolate and a pinch of salt. All covered in cocoa, pistachios, coconut flakes or bread crumbs.

Merry Christmas! May Christmas be bright and snowy (I hope there will be more snow) in your family!



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  1. And I can say (from VERY reliable sources, as I recieved one of the boxes) that the candy vas REALLLLLLY GOOD! Tnx for that :)


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