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Christmas Surprise.

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This was officially the last day at school. We only had to go there to collect our school – reports. But me and my classmate Diana wanted to make this day somehow special.

It all started when I came up with the idea to make a gingerbread house for our teacher. But then we tought – why not make a gingerbread cookie for each of our classmates? Really – why not? So, after I had finished my dance concert, Diana her work, we met at my house to “open” our factory. I had alredy started to bake some cookies when Dii arrived.

I also had to make a house for my mum and her friend. So together 3 ginger-houses.  I make gingerbread houses every year –  it is a tradition in our family. And no, it isn`t so hard, but it is  time – consuming. While I was sticking parts of those houses , Dii decorated the heart shaped gingersnaps we gave to our friends. But we both did everything – we both decorated, baked, made the frosting, packed the presents… Guess what time we went to sleep. 2? 3? No! We slept for 1,5 hours, cause we went to bed at 04.30. But you know – the time flied so fast because we had fun time doing that.

We arrived at school earlier so we could prepare everything. We told our teacher not to come in the class and we locked in :D While we waited we started to get a bit nervous because we didn`t know what the expectations would be. But when finally everyone arrived, I opened the door. When they came in Dii turned the music on (we selected a list of Christmas songs).

Eveyone seemed so surprised and happy. Classmates started to take pictures and thanked us for such a work. That was very sweet :) It was such a feeling seeing others so happy!

 Gift for our English teacher.

For our classmates. 

Merry Christmas and happy New yoear! May all you have nice holidays!

P.S. Good job, Dii.

P.P.S. Thanks to my mum, cause she didn`t say anything when we were making noise in the kitchen.



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  1. tādi malači! superīgs pārsteigums un kas par darbu ieguldīts, žēl, ka es nebiju un to visu neredzēju klātienē, bet ceru, ka mana piparkūka kaut kur skapītī stāv (:


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