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Cranberry delight

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Long time no see. I finally got to writing, again just returned from my singing lessons.

This time it was unusual – I had to make a cake somewhere else – at my school! Can you imagine, they planned a bake-a-cake day so that everyone who wanted to show their talant would make a cake. And guess who signed up from our class? No, not me. Just kidding! Ofcourse I signed up, how could I miss something THAT awesome? I couldn`t so I started to plan a recipe.   It wasn`t easy to find the perfect one, no one was good for me. So I made up my own recipe. Again. They God I had an assistant – my classmate Evija.

I had to study for three years at my new school to find out there was a kitchen (for household classes). I had prepared everything so that we would need to make fillings and decorate. While I was boiling the cream, Evija made everything else. I couldn`t do it alone!

And then a surprise arrived. My other classmate Diana showed up to check how we are doing. It was very nice (she is the reason you can see the pics).

Enough with the talking, behold my masterpiece!


You can see a three layer cake (almond sponge layers) with two fillings – vanilla and chocolate-hazelnut. Also filled with cranberry-lime sauce, covered with cranberries and almond flakes.

I`m very happy my classmates liked this cake.

P.S. Many thanks to Evija, Diāna and everyone else who supported me!



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