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Cake memories II.

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Hi, readers!

Congratulations on todays snow day!

The best time to start writing in my blog is, ofcourse, when I have to study for my tests. Study? What for?

All of these cakes you see were very special. Because they have their own stories.

First of all I want to tell you about the best cupcake cafe I`ve ever seen. It is called Bibi`s cake bakery. I found it in Edinburgh while I was searching for a job. Those cupcakes are just amazing. The taste is surely very good, but the most important is the look. All those muffins are decorated with sprinkles, whipped cream, mint leaves, fruit bits and more. It is just the boutique I`m dreaming of. When I entered the boutique, the first thing I noticed was the freshly baked cupcake scent. It was so perfect.

This first cake I made a long time ago, but it was made from ingredients people don`t usually use in cakes. Despite that, it was marvelous. That was the time, when I used to make yum-yums every Sunday (my neighbour and mum were just beaming).

This one is made from halva, banana bits and apples. All covered in sand pastry. Goes with ice-cream scoop.

And THIS cake, I would call it tart, was made by me and my good friends in Paris. Luisa (the blonde one) had to leave us so we all made a tarte to celebrate the last day we spent together. The funniest part was when we made the filling. We had to boil it until thicken. So we boiled and boiled, and boiled until we got bored, so I put the cream in to the freezer so it would become thick. I don`t know how that happened, but the cream somehow poured out. Thank God not all of it. So we continued to boil it again, now with success.

The cake was very light – sand pastry with some unknown filling we found in LeaderPrice  and covered with lots of fruit. As we couldn`t eat so much sweets or unhealthy food at all,  this was a day off. (we made brownies as well!) In this photo you can see (from left) Luisa, Alice and me with our cake.

P.S. Only 16 days until Christmas!



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  1. Last tart with strawberries looks yummie.

  2. Mmm, Helena! I like the style and the mood on your yummy site!

    Miya :)
    P.S. Dance, dance, dance!!!


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