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Cub cake (not a cupcake)

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Hey, everyone,

Congratulations on 4th December! Only 2 Advents until Christmas! For me this is the busiest time, cause everyone has birthdays. So today I made a surprise for my friend who will turn 19 tomorrow. I won`t tell anything more just in case she is reading this.

But, there is one thing I can share with all of you. When I make cakes, I make cub cakes as well. Not cupcakes, but CUB CAKES. They are tiny reproductions of the grand cake. Cub cakes don`t have to be similar to the real cake, but the taste is the same.

I make one cub cake for my mum, so she has the great oportunity to be the first one who tries my cakes. This way I can see if the taste is good.

P.S. The real cake coming soon.



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  1. I wish, i would be that person, who checks ALL of your cakes :)))))



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