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There were few dishes I made while living in Scotland, so some posts will be about that.

As I lived with two men, who were working a tough job, I always had to make food just for me, because all they wanted was meat, fatty crisps, meatballs and rice or pasta.

So I made food for myself, but guess what – I could only taste one (or in best case 2) portion, cause they ate everything I made! That made me very happy and proud of myself. They had to admit that I could make great, healthy dinner.

Oh, and when they had their beer fridays my dad would always  ask to make that great salad he loved. Beer+salad? Yup, they wanted that, I didn`t even ask.

On the first picture you can see fried veggies – onions, paprika, mushrooms, carrots and more. It was terrific. It is like a garnish for pasta, lentils or rice, or you can just eat that without anything.

The second dish was made on latvian annual summer event [Jāņi]. They usually make shish-kebab, but as I don`t eat meat, I made veg – kebab with fig balsamico, lemon and species marinade. And again – everyone wanted to taste it, and when they did, they asked for more. Score!!

These dishes are vegan, so this is a proof that meat free food can be enough to feel full!





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