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Cake memories.

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Another post about Scotland. Ofcourse I made cakes while I was living there. At first it wasn`t easy because I didn`t know where to buy ingridients I needed. But that didn`t last for long. I got all I needed from Morrisons (I couldn`t imagine a better store).

The first cake I made was for Gatis. It was his birthday. It was a bit sad because he didn`t have the oportunity to celebrate his anniversary like he would if he was in Latvia.  So I wanted to cheer him up with a cake.

I made dark chocolate sponge cake with chocolate topping and wild berries on it. THE CAKE was sooo good. And – guess what – it was absolutely dairy free! And still tasty.

The second was a birthday cake as well. This time my dad wanted to “help” me, so we made it together. I had a bad feeling about him helping me but I gave him a try – I asked him to whisk the eggs. Usually people do that with that whisker, but he took a fork. A fork. Then I continued to make the cake on my own while my dad entertained me with his stories. This cake was ment as a present for a little boy who had a birthday.

This cake had three layers with boiled vanilla cream, whipped cream and a berry puree in it. They told it was the best cake they have ever eaten. One guy told he disliked cakes , but when he tried this cake, he loved it! Score!

And the grand finallee. MY birthdaycake.  As I didn`t celebrate this day like I would in Latvia, I at least made a special cake. After I finished my work, I jumped home to make my present.  I wanted to make something new, something no one has tasted before.

So behold – dairy free ice-cream cake with coffee biscuits and chocolate, tinned fruit and peanut butter. It was amazing. I served it with mint mohitos. It is just imposible to say how good the cake was, if You want to try it, I would love to make it for You, just ask.

Happy birthday everyone!



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