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Birthday joy

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Hey guys! Three birthdays have been passed since I first started to show others via my blog what I cook. I am so so happy I have this opportunity to cook, that I have so many kitchen utensils, cookbooks and ideas, and that is all thanks to my dear friends and family who supported me. […]

Peanut butter cookies II

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Hey dudes and dudettes! Yes, PB cookies again but there are soo many recipes and after my trip to England I just couldn’t resist the joy of buying jars of PB, so I have a lot of them now. Again.  I really love cookies so this was a good reason to make something with my […]


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Hey everyone! I finally, FINALLY have awaken to start cooking again. I just returned from my journey to The Netherlands and England and am full with new ideas and recipes to try. In England I tried these scones which I had never ever eaten cause I always tought they were kinda plain and not tasty. […]

Christmas spirit

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Hey everyone! Hope you all had a merry Christmas! For me this Christmas was like never before. My holiday spirit was made from several small events that made my winter celebrating more exciting. As I am all in my studies, I tried to find some ways how to set up my Christmas mood. In this […]

A divine cheese cake

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Hey readers! Yup, it has started – school, oh, pardon, university time. I am very happy about that and despite the fact that I don’t have that much time, I seem to enjoy baking even more! You know – when you don’t get something you start to miss it. In my family there is no […]

Summer review

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Summer’s allmost gone so I will share what delicious goodies it brang me. Summer is my favourite period of the year that’s why I enjoy it the most. No recipes this time, just pics! Have a nice autumn! A small peek on salad I had In summer berries are a must have! Blueberries are my […]

Holiday cake

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Hey hey hey! The reason I stopped writing was because of lack of time. Yup, it’s summer but that doesn’t mean I stay all day at home. This one day my friend Anete invited me to her birthday party at her country side. I was so happy she did cause I love country side, freshness, […]


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